Documentation of Medeco® high security lock flaws, issues, and information.

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Many people ask why we would design a site attacking a specific brand of lock. Our goal was not to attack Medeco, infact the lock design was a very nice design that we do like. Unfortunately the design has not had major changes for decades which has led to the problems currently. With most brands of lock there is a lot of information out there about possible attacks or issues with the lock many times the manufacturer will put out information and fixes on their own locks. Unfortunately Medeco has gone much in the opposite direction specifically making claims saying their locks are not vulnerable to many of the issues that fall them, and not releasing fixes in a public manor that customers are able to obtain. While you can find videos on youtube of people attacking Medeco locks and some information from googling there is no good source for clear information on the issue. Medeco locks are used in some very highly sensitive places in the United States and frequently these installations are not aware of the problems that plague many Medeco locks. Our goal is not only to provide information about the issues with Medeco locks, but also how these locks can be fixed, and finally what to look for if you are looking at buying a new Medeco lock.

Who Are We?

Contributions to this site are made by Locksmiths, lock enthusiasts, and lock experts from all around the world. A lot of the information we present was researched and discovered by Marc Tobias and Tobias Bluzmanis over many years and without pay. We present a very compact and broad overview of the problem to help customers start to understand the issues at hand.

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