Documentation of Medeco® high security lock flaws, issues, and information.

Lock Recommendations

First please keep in mind that we do not dive into nearly all the details on this site, nor all the complexities of the issues with Medeco locks. If you are using Medeco locks in a high security installation we highly recommend contacting Marc Tobias and Tobias Bluzmanis through who can help with a professional assessment.

When figuring out what lock one should use for a specific situation it is important to consider what you hope the lock provides. Infact if you already have Medeco locks we encourage you to read our website in detail, as they may protect you in the ways you require. If you are looking to buy a new high security lock we generally recommend against Medeco due to the fact that for the same (or less) money you can generally buy a better lock to meet your needs.

For residential customers frequently they turn to high security locks due to bumping. Bumping is a technique used to open most non-high security locks in less than a minute with nothing more than a key that can be made by hand or purchased online, frequently for under $5. For more details on bumping please see If bumping is your primary concern we can recommend the Kwikset Smartkey. The Smartkey system was a revolutionary new lock from a manufacturer who traditionally did not produce high security locks. It is a completely un-bumpable lock, and while it does use the same keys as their normal product line, it operates in a completely different way. It is pick resistant and the latest generation includes some force resistant countermeasures that really make it a very good lock. The lock can be picked up at your local hardware store for about $25 around the same price as your standard locks.

If you are looking for something that offers more pick or force resistance and the many benefits of a traditional high security lock we currently recommend Abloy and BiLock. Both are very good high security locks, with the Abloy Protec being one of the few locks that has yet to have a documented method of picking, bumping, or impressioning since it came out in 2001. For customers in Europe the EVVA MCS is one of the best high security locks in the world featuring a near impossible to duplicate key and a very good cylinder. Unfortunately the EVVA MCS is not available in most American form factors (Deadbolt's etc) so cannot generally be used in US locks. Even if you have another type of high security lock (Schlage Primus, ASSA, or other EVVA lock) there is a good chance these locks do provide most than enough security for your purpose. It is almost always the case that for the same money of a Medeco lock you would be better off buying another high security lock for your purpose.

If you are buying a Medeco Lock it is important to try and ensure you buy a new one that comes straight from the factory, or are sure the locksmith has changed out all of his supplies to use the newly designed parts and pins. It is currently impossible to ensure you get a key cut to the latest codebook and with the latest security advancements without completely disassembling your new lock and verifying for yourself. There is no new model number or something to look for on the outside of the box unfortunately.