Documentation of Medeco® high security lock flaws, issues, and information.

Problem with Medeco Locksmiths

The issues that plague Medeco locks have in large part been fixed, or are in the process of being fixed. Unfortunately one of the major problems is still with the Medeco locksmiths themselves. Many Medeco locksmiths are not aware there are (or were) problems with Medeco locks, several claim Medeco locks are bump proof. Medeco has frequently stated that it has never said its locks were bump proof (despite past press information indicating otherwise) but has always said it is only its locksmiths or 3rd parties. Medeco does not however spend time trying to educate its locksmiths about the issues with their locks nor the fixes. Many Medeco locksmiths may not even sell the current Medeco M3 line meaning they are completely vulnerable to virtually all Medeco exploits. Those that are still current some do not have the latest codebooks from Medeco, and many do not have the latest higher security pins / parts. The problem is not the fault of the locksmith for the most part, but on Medeco corporate. Without proper training or information on the latest issues with Medeco locks they do not know they even should be making changes.

Another big problem is cost. Medeco does not offer a way for locksmiths to swap current pinning kits and parts for the new higher security versions which means locksmiths must spend several hundred dollars to upgrade their own items. This is obviously a large cost that a locksmith would not want to eat, so many may put off upgrading, selling older hardware, or mix and match some of the new with some of the old. Most locksmiths do not have large profit margins meaning it is very hard for them to spend the money to stay on the cutting edge, especially if there customers do not demand it.

High costs also mean that most locksmiths may not contact their customers to let them know there may be an issue with their locks. The customer doesn't want to pay to have locks re-keyed and parts replaced as this is a high cost, and the locksmith cannot obviously just offer this free of charge as it costs them a lot of money in parts and time. This means customers may have thousands of locks with no idea there is an issue, or even an easy way to get the issue fixed.